In this section of my website, I'd like to anticipate some of the questions you might have about what it is I have to offer, and how I go about the day when it comes specifically to weddings.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I'm a bride thinking of booking you, when do you start taking pictures from?

Depending on your own personal preferences and the type of booking you've made, I typically arrive at the your home around 2 hours before the wedding.

The reason for this is because I'd much rather wait until you have all your make-up and hair all done, before I start taking pictures that will ultimately be used in the wedding album, and of course I want you to be looking your best.

I don't go to the boys house as to be honest, there's usually not much going on. They're even trying to sober up, fighting over the shower, or ironing shirts (for some, for the first time) and I'd much rather see them at the church 30 minutes before the service starts.

Question: How long do you stay for?

On a standard booking I usually stay until you get called for your reception dinner. This means that after we've arrived at your hotel/venue I would still be taking a few pictures of you with your family members, you with your friends from work, etc. Then we'd go to the Honeymoon Suite to take a few pictures there, giving you time to relax (use the bathroom), fix your make-up and take a minute before it all kicks off again with dinner and speeches. 

You can book me to stay on for the evening, which then means I'll be there until around about the 3rd Dance. I call that Evening Coverage, which will then include me photographing the speeches, the emotions of peoples faces as the new Husband gushes over how lovely is new wife is, and the Groom cringe as his Best Man sails a little close to the wind in his tales of past adventures.

Included in the Evening Coverage (which only costs an extra £95) you'll also get a picture show, which is a quick review of the day's images for your evening guests to see just how amazing you both looked on the big projector screen. I'll be working away at getting that ready while you eat, which leads me on to the other cost of you covering the price of a bar meal. It has to be a bar meal as I can't work on the images whilst sitting next to your Aunty Maude trying to make polite conversation, with your nephew hitting me with his toy truck cause your new Sister-in-Law's husband is away at the bar. You catch my drift? ;-)

Question: How long do we have to wait until we see our wedding pictures?

No more than 48 hours! In all honesty, I'll probably have them live by the time you get to bed, depending on how far I have to travel to my own.

They'll all receive some editing to make sure they're perfect for selection towards your wedding album design, and any glaring fixes that need repaired such as your bridesmaid constantly blinking when everyone else is looking awesome at the camera, those will be sorted first. What I try my utmost to do is photograph in such away that I won't need to use photoshop, it's the perfectionist in me, I want them right first time.

Question: How long will I have to wait until I get my album?

This depends upon how fast you can pick 70 images from the couple of hundred I give you to choose from. There's a "Add to Favourites" feature on my website (my tip would be to create an account first), where you will be able to pick your most treasured and loved pictures to appear in your album. Once you're happy you have 70 pictures (don't pick shots of the car or the flowers, I'll do that for you and put them in where they'll be best shown) you simply click on 'Send to the Photographer'.

This is when I'll start work on your album design. Nine times out of ten I'll get it right and have it to your complete satisfaction first time round. I'll try to have it to you in the two weeks from when you've sent me your pictures through. If there are any changes you want made (say for example you've fell out with Aunty Maude since the wedding and now you don't want her in your album), I'll usually have those amendments done within a further 7 days. Once your then completely happy, they go to print and you should have your album the following week.

What's been your fastest turnaround?  Getting the album out the door the fastest from the actually wedding day, 23 days. I had it ready the day after the Bride had gotten home from her Honeymoon, her cases were still in the hall.

What's been the longest it ever took?  Two years..! They just never got round to picking their pictures, but we eventually got them sorted and they were over the moon with the results. It's completely in your hands is what I'm basically saying, there's no hard and fast rules.

Question: Will I get to keep the original pictures?

Short answer is YES.

However, you won't get the un-watermarked versions until your album has been delivered, you can buy them in that time period via the website without the watermark, or order as many prints of various sizes you want from my website, again with no watermark, but I don't release the full downloads until I've delivered your album to you. This should keep you focussed on getting your album choices sorted.

You can share your watermarked pictures on Facebook and Twitter via the Free App I provide you with, and through the website (this one). The only other rule is you can't give them to your Wedding Dress Maker, your Make-Up Artist, or the Wedding Car company, and people like that for their own websites or promotions. Those would then be classed as a 'commercial license', and I will invoice them for improper use, usually in the hundreds if not thousands of pounds for copyright infringement.

The pictures are for your own PERSONAL use only.

Question: Do you do engagement pictures?

Yes, but I do charge £60 for it, so technically no I suppose. I know a lot of photographers include this in their booking, or at least they say they do, but the honest reason why is that they've already factored it into their price (so you're already paying for it), in the hope that you'll not ask or if you do ask (with the way our weather is sometimes) you'll forget.

If you do decide to get an engagement shoot, I'll teach you both how to pose, give you some insight as to how we'll go about the day and get to know each other (obviously). You'll also receive a complimentary 12"x8" Print to keep, with the option of purchasing other very competitively priced print options via my website. I even produce a lovely Card design for you too, to use for your invitations which again can be purchased via the website.

Question: Can I 'pay-in' for my wedding photography?

Of course you can! I even offer a Direct Debit mandate solution that only needs your email address to start the process. We can then spread out the cost of your wedding photography to a manageable monthly payment plan, that won't break the bank.

If you just want to 'throw in money' from time to time, that works too, as you'll get a statement and receipt for each payment so you know where you stand. As long as it's paid in full a week before the wedding day, whatever way you pay it is fine with me. I can even accept Debit and Credit Cards. 

If you have a burning question that I've not answered here, you can text me (number on my contact page), you can email me (again, same page) you can call me.... You get the idea. Hopefully I've given you enough information to make an informed choice, which is really what I'm hoping you do.

As one couple has already told me "you made it easy to book you, because all your prices were on display, and everything was on your website"

Hopefully I'll hear from you soon...